Quality Homestuck Fanart


Also Karkat art because I haven’t drawn him a while.


my brain has made nepeta my favorite character.

and not even her existing character (not that i dont like it…) but the character i’m convinced will exist.


"I was looking for a breath of life,

A little touch of heavenly light, 

But all the choirs in my head say, no oh oh…

To get a dream of life again,

A little vision of the start of the end,

But all the choirs in my head say, no oh oh…” ❖❖❖

And I beheld the Resurrection, and Justice close behind him, and behind them both the Wraith


terezi is my favourite female troll ;v;

remember when i said i’d be posting messy stuff as well? yeah it wasn’t a joke D:

8 sweeps old tz in a school uniform. i like uniforms. i might draw the others in uniforms too.. i know there are many highschool!stuck AUs but i just want to doodle… ;A;


I always like my spur-of-the-moment drawings more than the ones I spend a lot of time thinking about.


So, I’ve been a bit sick today so I’m late in the update party.
But hell no, I drew some SendificatorDirk.
This part broke my heart. 

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ok have an Alpha bunch :3c


Got lazy with this one, but I still like it. I mean, it’s Horrorsutck Dead!Aradia. Who doesn’t love zombie ladies with ram horns? Nobody.

Anyway, just a heads up new followers; I love creepy shit. I love drawing it, writing it and re-blogging it. So…yeah, if you don’t like creepy shit consider yourself warned. And if you like creepy shit too, consider yourself my awesome palhoncho. <3


okay so since voting is over i can finally post this!! here’s my part of my team’s entry for hso round one, we did a sort of card deck thing.

i did the king of hearts, the symbolism behind it being “the suicide king: the taking of oneself for selfish and worthless causes.”


and your patron will watch over you




I’m sick, you’re tired, let’s dance

Cold as numbers, but let’s dance